I'm Janna a photographer based in beautiful rugged Cornwall.  If you've come this far hopefully you like my work and want to find out a little bit more, so I'll try and keep it short and sweet!

My love of photography came first from my Grandad Donald, who always seemed to have a camera in his hand.  He would usually produce it at key moments like a magician bringing a rabbit out of a hat - I was intrigued by this!  

He was followed by Mum who took the following 80's classic shot (and many others involving ill-conceived hairstyles too embarassing to share!).  I always loved curling up and looking back through old albums of our family (though not the hair shots). 

It was this which led me to becoming a photographer myself.

Mum's epic shot of me in the 80's singing to my AM/FM headset - cool!

Fun Facts

1) Despite being a Kernow Maid I also hold New Zealand residency, after living there for a decade.

2) I'm married to a lovely kiwi, have two cute kiwi children, one (lethargic) kiwi cat and a puppy.

3) I'm a qualified press photographer, have been for over 16 years.  I've seen some sights, met some crazy people and have got some AWESOME stories! 

4) I've met and photographed Santa (he was very professional).  I've also photographed a lot of other celebrities, including the Queen, who I nuclear-flashed after she got off her Royal Train in Leicester Station once.  I don't think I blinded her but I tripped over the press cordon and may have looked slightly hilarious to the other assembled members of the media (don't care, we laughed like drains when I got back to the office!).

5) I'm utterly addicted to Tea (this statement deserved it's own sentence).

6) I also love good books, Netflix, loud music and chocolate (preferably combined with Tea).

6) I am awed by the kindness of strangers.

7) I'm a nature-loving outdoors kinda girl, who tries to see life as an adventure.  My family and friends are my world.

My Style

My photography style... is raw, real and authentic.  A rectangular riot of all the things I love - nature, beauty and COLOUR!  My images tell the stories of fun, laughter, shared emotions and real relationships!  The bonds people have with their animals is very special and I do love to capture these too.

My favourite studio... of all is the great outdoors! Mackerel skies, hayfields and sand dunes are my favourite backgrounds. Natural light is the real thing. I can emulate it when it’s not around, but when it is, there’s no substitute for its beauty. The clouds are the best soft box I could never buy and Mother Nature reigns supreme when it comes to mixing a mean palate of colour. There is a big, beautiful world out there; I like to use it.  But I can totally work a studio too.

Reportage...  A newspaper photojournalist for over 16 years, my approach to both wedding and lifestyle photography is a mix of reportage - capturing events as they happen; and some helpful direction if it's needed.  This enables me to capture precious candid moments, showing real relationships and photograph some beautiful portraits.

Documenting... the truth and joy in your relationships.  I keep it simple for you, stand back and focus on the precious, natural moments that naturally occur between people in love.  Be it couples or families.  I love style and portraiture.  People.  Making time stand still and creating memories that will tell your story for generations.

I want you to look back on these images in the years to come, reliving the day and having all the excitement, happiness and memories come flooding back.

Get in touch

If you'd like to find out more or just enquire about my availability please do get in touch.  I would love to hear from you x

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