Falmouth Engagement

Kelly & Steve’s Engagement Shoot at the Greenbank Hotel, Falmouth.

Hello again!  It’s been a fab (and busy!) start to the year, but I am happy to finally blog this lovely engagement shoot from a wet and windy April day (featuring some very April Showers)!

You know it’s love when the fog comes in and they’re still smiling.  Then the rain starts getting heavier going from that fine mizzle to really just pelting at you and they’re not only still smiling but kind of lost in each other’s eyes.  Meet Steve and his fiancee Kelly.  Steve whisked her off to Venice for a surprise holiday, where he PROPOSED!  Sound romantic?  Yup.  I thought so!  A truly lovely pair, I’m really looking forward to photographing your wedding in 2020.  Until then, enjoy your engagement, I know you will x