Godrevy Engagement Shoot.

Joolz and Rich.

Engagement Shoot at Godrevy.

Joolz and Rich, on a lush July summers evening Engagement Shoot at Godrevy.  We had arranged to do the shoot a few weeks before (on the day when a mini hurricane was coming through!) but Joolz and Rich wisely pulled the plug on this an rescheduled to this absolutely amazing evening instead.

I love evening shoots with the softer sun lighting up all the nature and making all the colours so vivid!  Joolz and Rich, so obviously in love and celebrating all the good things in their lives, just had fun.  And made each other laugh.  Rich achieved this by at one point doing a very successful aerial side kick as they romantically wandered off into the distance together and Joolz blew a dandelion up his nose.  Inspired.  More of this please on the wedding day!

Which incidentally I can’t wait for!  Joolz and Rich – see you soon! x