Lusty Glaze Wedding and Handfasting

A beach handfasting ceremony  followed the heartfelt wedding at Lusty Glaze – Julia and Richard.

Julia and Richard’s wedding was at the amazing Cornwall beach wedding venue, Lusty Glaze Beach.
Julia contacted me last year about photographing her and Rich’s day and after meeting her and finding out more about her plans for the wedding and her personal love of nature and portraiture, I was really excited!

The day itself dawned and there was a grey sky and drops of rain as I drove to Illogan for Bridal prep photos.  Bridal prep was a lovely relaxed affair with only the girls getting ready.  Julia was so relaxed she did not only her own, but her Bridesmaid Christina’s makeup as well!  Hairdresser Zoe was on hair and Mum was doing – as Mum’s do – floral crowns and all sorts of other jobs that can’t be missed!

By the time we got to Lusty Glaze the weather had sorted itself out and the sun was shining! Lusty Glaze was a calming oasis of activity. Being by the beach is just very relaxing and everyone was very chilled and calmly going about their preparations, Rich wandering about chatting happily and welcoming guests with a huge smile on his face!

The wedding ceremony was absolutely beautiful, with very personal heartfelt vows spoken by the couple, and a traditional handfasting ceremony on the beach afterwards.

Such a beautiful day, with two very lovely, relaxed and happy people.  In a day filled with love and happiness and sparkler tunnels (!) there is a lot that stands out afterwards, but Julia’s speech to her father, and Rich’s words to his new wife were particularly poignant.
Valuing your family above all and having the courage of your convictions to wear fairy wings to university about sums it up!

And Julia and Rich, I hope your married life is blessed with the fruits of this wisdom, I wish you both (and Rich’s Care Bear!) a wonderful life together! x


Venue and Catering:

Hair: Zoe at

Flowers: Rachel (and bride’s mother, Lynda).

Cake: Joceline

Musician: Joe Hurworth.